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Tree planting scheme at CLS Laudry

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on May 30, 2007

Dear Mr Edgcumbe
As promised, this is the latest report from TDC regarding the existing tree planting scheme at CLS Laundry.
I will forward to you a copy of any subsequent communication I receive from the Landscape Officer.
David Corney-Walker

From: Maidment, Olwen []
Sent: 30 May 2007 11:39
To: Cllr Corney-Walker, David
Cc: Collier-Marsh, John
Subject: CLS LAUNDRY-Tree planting

Dear Cllr Corney-Walker

I understand from John that you were enquiring about the existing tree planting scheme at CLS Laundry.

I visited the site on 18 April and drew up a schedule of works required to protect & maintain the tree planting, including replacement planting of dead/dying, damaged or poorly established trees. The schedule was sent to CLS on 19 April, but to date I have had no response from them. I have emailed their General Manager, Paul Pearson again today & unfortunately he is on holiday until next week.

As far as the maintenance is concerned (including watering, weed control etc) this should be carried out as a matter of urgency, if it has not been attended to. The replacement planting should be carried out in the autumn 2007.
The planting scheme is still at an early stage and is establishing. Overall, establishment has been good but some replacements are needed, along with ongoing maintenance.

Yours faithfully
Olwen Maidment
Landscape Officer

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CLS Laundry

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on April 23, 2007

23Apr07: Subject: CLS Laundry [Ed. and the “invisible trees”, as seen through Teignbridge Councils eyes]Dear Cllr Hook

Tony Page has asked me to respond to your queries regarding the landscape scheme at CLS Laundry.

Overall the planting scheme has established successfully, with good rates of growth put on by many trees, notwithstanding some difficult climatic growing conditions over the last two years. However, some trees have failed to establish or suffered die back since planting and need to be replaced.

The planting has been inspected at least every 6 months, sometimes more frequently and was last inspected in December 2006. I am meeting with the CLS site manager tomorrow to inspect the planting and agree any necessary replacements and maintenance work. The ongoing maintenance is being carried out by landscape contractors for CLS Laundry.

CLS will be required to replace any dead trees in the autumn under the TPO and the numbers and locations will be agreed on site with their representative

With regards to the planning application for the extension & related conditions, we are waiting for CLS to submit their detailed landscape proposals (along with details on the colour of the building) for consideration by the committee.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully
Olwen Maidment
Landscape Officer

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