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The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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ITV programme “Tonight with Trevor McDonald”

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 23, 2007

23Jan07:- The producer of the ITV programme “Tonight with Trevor McDonald” has advised that the programme, which includes The Blot and interviews with Aller Park residents, will be screened: this Friday 26th January at 20:00hrs on ITV1. He will advise of any change to this.

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Television investigation

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 15, 2007

15Jan07:-Dear Les

Thank you so much for the information. I hope you do not mind but I thought it only appropriate that the senior echelon of TDC were included in this response, as you will recall the correspondence that transpired between myself and the TDC Head of Planning, Mr Robinson.

I hope that the television investigation draws to the attention of the wider public the problems associated in the decision making process when due consideration to public opinion is not taken seriously. When those District Councillors originally involved in the 1998 CLS planning decision failed to give appropriate attention to the environmental surroundings and to the Aller Park residents, who lived with their inappropriate decision.

I hope reference is made to the public meeting that was held, requested in the face of residents’ outrage. To the senior planning officer who failed to discharge his duties and then lied to the Investigating Team and, in order to protect his position, attempted to blame his secretary for the problem. Even though I made representation to the previous Chief Executive, he did not have the necessary determination to sack this officer when his deceit became known, preferring to let a resignation be the means of termination.

I hope the television investigation highlights the dogged determination shown by yourself and those other Aller Park residents, who have always be the conscious of TDC in respect of CLS.

For any recipients of this e-mail who consider my comments to be defamatory or inappropriate, the telephone number of the Standards Board for England is 0845 078 8181. I will be only too delighted to go head to head on this issue.

Kindest regards,
Roger Mewis

The fortunate Councillor who represents Milber Ward

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ITV programme team arrived in Aller Park

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 10, 2007

10Jan07:- ITV programme team arrived in Aller Park to make a programme for “Tonight with Trevor McDonald”. The Blot drew their attention as the type of miscreant that can severely de-value a residential property, and thereby also affect its’ Council Tax Banding.

The whole day was taken up with filming from Aller Park Road, and inteviews with Mr. and Mrs. Johns (who ‘enjoy’ a full frontal view of The Blot from their home), Councillor Gordon Hook, and a Property Valuer. As a hardened TV reporting team they “had their breath sucked out of them” when confronted face on with The Blot – finding it incomprehensible how any Authority could permit such a pollution of green space.

The Valuer inspected properties opposite the laundry and confirmed a substantial deprecation of the selling price. The programme is scheduled to be broadcast 26th January at 20:00 on ITV1. The production team promised to confirm this date with us closer to the time.

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BBC TV The Blot on the Landscape – CLS Laundry

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on June 23, 2006

23 June 2006: The Blot makes another score – BBC TV Poll rates it as the 8th most detested building site that “should be demolished”.Congratulations all Teignbridge ‘Planners’ and others that had a hand in the effort- you have scored again.

BBC TV The Blot on the Landscape CLS Laundry

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