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Meeting 27th July 2009

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on July 29, 2009

A meeting of Management (Martin Roberts/Director, and Paul Pearson/Laundry General Manager), Cllr Hook, and Les Edgecumbe, was held at the laundry 27th July 2009. This was at the invitation of the management to discuss various items. The meeting was a frank exchange of views, but cordial and productive.



The first item on the agenda was the Phase 2 painting (roof and chimney). Mr. Roberts explained that as with all other companies, UK and abroad, the main concern was to adapt to the international recession and its constraints. This had therefore taken priority. However, he did give an unequivocal assurance that the painting would commence this autumn (subject to weather conditions) – as they had already given their word on the matter. It was also said that had the residents requested the painting this year when the recession commenced, and not the date that they had, then the reply would have been a definite ‘no’. The current financial climate (for all commerce) would have inhibited even considering the matter.

The Management also offered a suggestion. In view of the vast majority of very favourable comments on the Phase 1 painting, they wondered if the Residents might like to consider whether to have Phase 2 completed in the same colour as the elevations. It may be felt that a single colour may be more effective and blending, whereas 2 colours (Topiary Green for the roof) may prove to be a very stark contrast and ‘set a horizon’. While being prepared to paint it any (within reason) colour it should be considered even at this late stage. It was agreed that I would canvass Residents who attended the Public Meeting on 13th August 2008 and signed in. Their views would be requested in writing and recorded. In the event of no decision being made thereby, the Phase 2 colour would remain by default ‘Topiary Green’ – the chosen colour. There is absolutely no case for repainting after Phase 2 is completed. Closing Date for comments is 10th August 2009 and should be sent to me by mail or email please.


For various reasons, i.e. staff changes, and misunderstandings, of late their seemed to be a breakdown of previous good communications, which has led to frustration on both sides. These were all ironed out and we now have agreement to approach Mr Paul Pearson directly in the first instance for any queries. As he is the man on the spot, and he has proved to be approachable, this is the ideal contact.


This is probably the most contentious issue. The Management are aware of all the residents complaints re the emissions on 14th July, and these were discussed at the meeting. Events were explained to us: “Early that morning a control cable failed to operate on the main boiler, leaving us with no steam. A switchover to the small auxiliary boiler was then made, and due to problems with this boiler it’s Safety Valve automatically lifted. Engineers were called in and tests made to identify the fault and spare parts immediately ordered. Teignbridge Council were advised of the ongoing situation. In the meantime we had to work with what we had i.e. the small boiler which was blowing the Safety Valve and causing the visual and noise issues to the residents for some time. Unfortunately we have no record of steam emissions occurring around midnight, although through tests we have ascertained that the steam emissions are not necessarily audible on site. Even in the Managers office which is adjacent to the boiler house it is inaudible. I (Manager) then went over to Aller Park and phoned the engineer to lift the safety valve – and of course I then heard what the Residents hear. We sincerely regret any nuisance to Residents and will maintain communication through Cllr. Hook and Mr. Edgecumbe. We do aim to be good neighbours, and one instance of this is to transfer our scrap metal and surplus polythene items to the far side of our building (away from sight of Aller Park)”   These were seen on our departure and indeed are not a sight to envy, so best stored where they are.


Some residents have complained of noises suspected to originate from mobile bins being moved around during the night. We were told that some noise was to be expected from a working commercial premises, but if more specific details could be supplied the matter would be looked into further.


Laundry drivers, lorries and cars, have been finding it difficult and dangerous to exit from the laundry due to the speed of the road traffic on the Kingskerswell Road. Cllr. Hook has arranged with Devon County Council to extend the 30 MPH limit to cover the exit area. This should improve matters, although the Police are claiming that they “cannot police it”.


The newt meadow has been allowed to grow in height and not mowed regularly.


Contrary to our previous belief, the low level lights in the car park have not yet been introduced. These will not have any impact on residents being low level and not too bright, but they are essential for Health and Safety cover of workers using the car park at night. One accident has already occurred and the Laundry has no choice but to install these. They are NOT floodlight – bollards with lamps included at approximately knee height.


The current CLS blue and white sign at the main gate is to be replaced in line with the Company’s re-naming and new logo.


Once the colour choice is settled it is hoped to have some demonstration panels supplied to us in order that residents can view the colour before it is mixed and applied to the building.


Please remember the easiest way for me to keep the majority of residents in touch with events is via E-mail. So if you have any friends/neighbours on the Internet please ask them to contact me with their address – they will be kept right up to date then.


Les Edgecumbe.

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