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The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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Comments to Herald Express 12Nov08..

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 13, 2008

  • Thank you Sunlight & the pressure group – The outlook is much better now, after years of eyesore. It’s just a shame that it has taken so much time and effort (and a change in ownership) to correct the original error.
    Nick, Aller Park
    commented on 13-Nov-2008 16:54

  • Paul, you should research your subject before you open your big mouth and put your foot in it !
    I was the originator of the complaint about the laundry, Les was also a complainant separately to me, and we joined forces to take the Council to the Ombudsman, and won. This is an ongoing scheme since the Laundry was commenced, it hasn’t just happened. The original owners of the laundry should have done what the new owners “Sunlight” have done and there would not have been any complaint then, but the Council did not pursue the problem, they thought we would go away. I did, I sold up and left !

    Mike, Bishopsteignton (ex Allerbrake Road)
    commented on 13-Nov-2008 12:22
    Whinger, Newton Abbot, Newton Abbot
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 18:13
  • With regard to Paul’s comments regarding the laundry he quite clearly has no understanding of the matter.

    barrie, Newton Abbot
    commented on 13-Nov-2008 11:31

    I suggest he gets himself up to speed on the issues involved before he makes such crass remarks in the future .
    The current laundry management and the people representing the residents of Aller Park ,Newton Abbot have made the best of a poor lot.
    and it was acheived without any uninformed help from people living outside the area.

  • So someone with a view (sic) different to yours (Paul) is automatically a whinging idiot. A very strange/eliteist outlook.
    Can’t you be constructive?? For your information we residents have a very good working relationship with the Management over there – and your petty grousing doesn’t really affect or contribute anything to the matter. Move on to the sports pages eh?
  • I am one of the ‘whinging idiots’. If the Council had done their job properly and put the conditions that they were supposed to put on the planning permission there would never have been a problem in the first place – and there would have been little additional cost for the company. If more people cared about the environment where they lived and took steps to improve things then we would all benefit from living in a more pleasant environment. Also, I don’t live in Torquay so it doesn’t matter much to me what the complaints of residents are there. Different things matter to different people. Just because I may not agree with what other people are doing does not mean that I would call them whinging idiots.
    Sarah, Newton Abbot
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 17:29

    I am proud of what the residents of Aller and the local councillors have achieved. It’s a pity more people do not take stand to sort out the issues in their own areas and make them a better place to live.

  • Now if they could only manage to keep their lorrys out of the Lane at rush hour that would be an achievement. I cant count the times I’ve had to wait for 20 mins to get past a big blue road block.
    Gareth, Plainmoor
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 13:02
  • I thought CLS were supposed to blend the building in to the area when they built it.
    B, Torbay.
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 11:44
  • My God! We have a successful business in the area that provides employment for I dont know how many locals, but I’m guessing hundreds, and you have locals whinging about the colour of the building!!! Lobbying to get the owners to pay thousands to redecorate!! In this current economic climate I applaude the owners patience and understanding…Personally I would of told the whinging idiots to take a run and jump and put things into perspective!!
    Paul, Torquay
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 09:34
  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • Factory ‘cover up’ given the thumbs up

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 09:07


  • The bright-white appearance of CLS Laundry at Decoy has been toned down to blend in with the surrounding green land.

    The £55,000 revamp has resulted in the factory’s new brown colour — and it has delighted residents who have long complained the plant was an eyesore.

    Next May, when the weather is warmer, the roof will be repainted green, effectively ‘camouflaging’ the building.

    The work has been the result of a joint partnership between residents, ward councillor Gordon Hook, who contributed £1,000 from a special Devon County Council fund, and laundry company Sunlight.

    Lobbyist Les Edgecumbe, of Aller Park Road, said: “The Sunlight management is to be congratulated on its efforts and a number of grateful comments have been received here.

    “The residents should also be congratulated, along with ward councillors, for their steadfastness in obtaining the final result. The effort of the Aller Park Residents Action Group is also appreciated.”

    Sunlight’s group human resources director Martin Roberts said: “Certainly the number of emails we have received, and we have received a lot, without exception have been delighted with it so far.

    “We have completed the work we said we would do, which has been the side elevations, and the roof will take about two or three weeks to complete next May. We will then have a factory which blends in with the surrounding area.”



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Letter from Exmouth 12Apr08

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on April 12, 2008

The following was posted by Exmouth on line. They have an impending ‘problem’ from their Planners which could result in yet another horrendous attack on the nature of Devon:

Admin @ Exmouth Online Says:
April 11, 2008 at 10:03 pm e

A very interesting article. This is a key debate in Exmouth, Devon at the moment and would appreciate any input from any local Newton Abbot residents about what it has done to thier town, overall good or overall bad? In Exmouth, they are planning on building a site right next to the River Exe, demolishing our sports center etc. The people of the Exmouth Online forums, as used by the councillors of Exmouth, would like to hear anyt comments from anyone about the impact of the ASDA in Newton abbot, please go to

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A Councillor speaks up for NEWTON ABBOT

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on February 17, 2008

Another nail in the coffin

Cllr Geraldine Gaskell, Newton Abbot Town Council and Bradley Ward, writes:

             What has happened to Newton Abbot?

I have lived here since 1966, that is 42 years, and in that time I have seen councils come and go and each one leave its mark on the town and not once for the good of the town. We had shops galore, multi nationals, independent businesses, a market that was a real crowd-puller, and what happens?

A council, in its infinite wisdom and in the name of progress, tears the heart out of the town and, over the years, our shops large and small disappear, never to be seen again.

In order to regenerate the town we allow Asda in – well, what happened? Nothing. Has it helped to regenerate business? No. And our dear district councillors – and of the 48 councillors, nine from Newton Abbot – guess what, in their infinite wisdom they decide on the fate of the town.

We will end up with three amusement arcades, 12 charity shops, 21 pubs, several boarded up shops, and now, guess what, to really boost the town a drop-in centre for kids with problems right between several pubs and an amusement arcade. You know, Teignbridge Council has played a blinder – yet another pub and, to cap it all, this drop-in centre. All I can say is these youngsters will find themselves blamed for everything, rightly or wrongly, and they don’t need that. They want somewhere quiet, secluded, away from town and its temptations. Who remembers the bail hostel in Devon Square? Thought so, need I say more?

Town and parish councils should have a bigger say on planning issues relating to developments within their own boundaries and I don’t just mean housing but retail and industry. It appears that districts, made up of councillors who don’t live in or even near the areas, can decide on what is best.  Yes, in their opinion, maybe, but what about the people who live in those places, who know those towns and villages and what they want?

No, Teignbridge. Once again you have managed to bang another nail in the coffin of Newton Abbot. Hands up all those who remember Madge Mellor’s meat pies and fruit tarts, and the Belfry. Oh yes, Woolworth’s, Dingles, Laws & Wareham’s, Home & Colonial – shall I go on?

When will we learn?

Ed: this Councillor has a very valid point. If the ‘deciding people’ for permitting The Blot to be as and where it is, had to live with it daily then it would not be there. Wards that are to be affected MUST have representation of local people – not Officers/Councillors who do not even live in the area and actually have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Good on you Councillor Gaskell!!

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Complaints of ongoing noise pollution

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on October 13, 2007

Dear Cllr Hook,

We are now in receipt of a letter from Mr Eaton (Environment, T.D. C.) in reply to our complaints of ongoing noise pollution from the Sunlight Laundry. This letter, particularly concerning the protracted delay in responding to our complaints), is all irrelevant, inaccurate, ineffective and the usual type of poor service and protection that we are becoming to expect of Teignbridge District Council.

Before I reply to it, we would appreciate some detailed words from you as to the actual conversation that took place between yourself and Mr Eaton.

(08Oct07: Thank you for your e-mail received today. I have received the information from the company and I have had detailed discussions with Councillor Hook regarding the case. I have drafted a letter explaining the investigation and once this has been typed I will e-mail you a copy due to the postal strike.)
If anyone believes apathy will overtake hideous events and circumstances imposed on us by a negligent Council – then they should think again. Having had such a magnificent source of pollution thrown upon us by a Council apparently so keen on protecting the environment, we for one household will not be cooperating with any calls to cooperate beyond that prescribed by law to recycle etc.

Yours sincerely,

L. Edgecumbe.

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Non compliance with condition relating to landscaping

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on June 21, 2007

CLS laundry non compliance with condition

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Letter received from TDC Planning

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on December 1, 2006

Letter received from TDC Planning Dept 01Dec06: The more relevant paragraphs are replicated here, full letter is available from the Planning Officer detailed below. It is full of ‘good intentions’, but it is up to us to contact Councillors and Officers to ensure that adequate steps are taken in our interest.
Teignbridge Planning Dept Ref. No. 06/06365/FULOfficer: Jill Day Tel: 01626 215791

3. Notwithstanding condition 2, this permission specifically excludes the approval of the proposed external materials and colours thereof shown within the application submission. No development shall commence on the site until the details of the materials and colours to be used on the external surfaces of the extension hereby approved have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The work shall proceed utilising the approved materials.

REASON:- To ensure the extension has a satisfactory external appearance.

4. No development shall take place until full details of both hard and soft landscape works have bee submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Soft landscape works shall include existing trees and hedges to be retained; planting plans; written specifications (including cultivation and other operations associated with tree, plant and grass establishment); schedules of trees and plants, noting species, sizes and proposed numbers/densities where appropriate; tree planting and establishment details (including detail of tree pits and imported soil); implementation programme and maintenance programme. All hard and soft landscape works shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details. The works shall be carried out prior to the occupation of the extension hereby permitted or in accordance with a programme agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority and thereafter for a period of 5 years.

REASON:- To protect the visual amenities of the area.

7. No external lighting shall be erected in connection with the extension hereby permitted.

REASON:- To protect the visual amenities of the area.

8. All existing storage containers shall be removed from the laundry premises as shown on the submitted site plan edged red and blue before the extension herby approved is occupied.

REASON:- In accordance with the submitted Planning and Design Statement and to ensure an acceptable site appearance.

9. No storage containers shall be placed on the laundry premises as shown on the submitted site plan edged red and blue without the previous written consent of Local Planning Authority.

REASON:- In accordance with the submitted Planning and Design Statement and to ensure and acceptable site appearance.

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Letter from Teignbridge Planning

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on October 26, 2006

26th Oct 2006: letter from Teignbridge Planning: (extract):
“I would now inform you that revised plans have been recieved for the proposal as described in the heading of this letter, and are available for inspection from the main reception during office hours. Please be advised that the revised plans show the proposed extension rotated by 90 degrees.” Ed: that’s halfway to a 180 degree turn and green paint??????You can check if your Objection has been recieved by looking at the list on the Planning Dept. website page: just click:


Interesting reading on the BBC TV Website

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