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Tree screening project – VERY BAD JOKE & management

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on February 3, 2008

Residents letter to Chf Exec., Teignbridge D.C, and Councillors:
Date: Mon, 4 Feb
Dear Chief Executive,
 I am writing to complain about the lack of screening at CLS and the recent report about the tree planting scheme.The tree planting scheme provided some hope to Aller residents, albeit very limited, that the impact of the factory could be minimalised.   The failure of one of the trees to establish is particularly important to my husband and I as it is one of the few which will obscure the view of the factory from my house. 
I am saddened that the tree has failed and would like the following questions answered:
1. An explanation of the ‘micro climate’ that has caused the tree to fail. 
2. Is there any evidence to suggest that the micro climate been generated by discharges from CLS?  I ask this because last year a worker from CLS stated that when the lorries were cleaned, the spray used which contained cleaning chemicals often covered the nearby trees.  I cannot think why someone would make this up if it was not true and I believe it was only reported to us as the person was concerned about the trees.
3. Was the soil compaction caused by CLS or its contractors?
Even now after a few years have passed I am just as angry about CLS.  I still find it hard to believe that the Council made such a mistake and allowed it to be built like it is.  When I read in the paper about planning applications being rejected because they are not in keeping with their surroundings it makes me laugh – nothing can ever be so monstrous and environmentally out of keeping than CLS.
As the council failed in its’ duty to protect local residents (and future generations) from a totally unsuitable building it should be held liable to make amends.  If the tree screening has failed other alternatives should be explored. 
The factory is a disgusting daily seen eyesore – the Council should do more to put things right.
Dear Chief Executive,
Thank you for your email below, and for the time you have put into investigating the matter.
While your comments are noted, they really do not offer any more information than that we already possess. This leaves us with an impasse in that there is still no screening effect even after the expense and the years since its conception and planting.
The ‘experts’ have been a dismal failure to us, and to the Council who’s fault it is (through proven maladminstration)that we have to endure this abomination.
Teignbridge Council have missed out (neglectfully) on an opportunity to right the wrong they have mis-served unto the residents and taxpayers of Aller Park. Why oh why don’t you listen to common sense solutions suggested by the residents. These ‘experts’ do not have a clue, and are wasting our time and OUR money!
We all want to protect the environment – for US!, no other reason. So OUR interests come first.
So with all respect – stop wasting our money, stop palming us off with platitudes and get on with a decent project please. Years have already been wasted now, with incompetence.
Les Edgecumbe.
Following on from a meeting between Cllr. Hook, Mr. Garner (resident) and myself which revealed the tree planting scheme was in poor shape due to the planting soil consisting of “waste soil from a previous quarry”I submitted a complaint to the Chief Executive of Teignbridge Council. This stated that we residents were disappointed, amazed and angry at the lack of growth of this scheme, the lack of detail in the Landscape Officers annual report (available elsewhere on the website), and considered the whole project a failure, bad joke, and the only people benefiting from it being the contractors employed to service the disaster area.
This is her reply:-=
—– Original Message —–

Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 10:20 AM
Dear Mr EdgecumbeFurther to your email of 12 January and my acknowledgement of 14 January I have looked into the tree planting scheme further.I fully appreciate that the CLS building, viewed from Aller Park, has a strong visual impact.  As you are aware the Council, through a tree planting scheme, has attempted to improve the appearance of the site, particularly as viewed by Aller Park residents.Planting constraints in the area between the building and the eastern site boundary, notably, the amount of space available and presence of UK and European protected species, have impacted on the ability to undertake dense screen planting in this location.  I am, however, confident that the scheme as implemented will, in future years, begin to significantly improve the appearance of site when viewed from the Aller Park area and soften the impact of the building.  

I note your specific reference to ‘waste soil’ in the context of tree failures.  I am advised that tree species selection had regard to ground conditions with hardy, pioneer tree species being used where there are areas of poor soil.  I am also advised that failures, in one particular localised area, are suspected to have been caused by micro-climatic and/or ground compaction as opposed to the origin of the soil. 

I hope this information is helpful to you.


Nicola Bulbeck

Chief Executive

Teignbridge District Council

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What Screening Trees????

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 12, 2008

To  Cllr Hook and Chief Exutive Teignbridge Council:
Thank you for forwarding the information below.
I am at a loss with this letter from Mr Maidment. It appears to be yet another ‘rubber stamp’ job from Teignbridge Council – more or less a repeat of his last report.
1. It assumes that there are indeed trees doing some screening effect. Find me a resident who can actually see more than 1 (one) tree in place on the site in question, let alone achieving some degree of screening at all.
2. It smacks of satisfaction that everything is in hand. This is not the observations of residents. The whole scheme is a dismal failure/very bad joke, and only serves to fill the pockets of those involved in ‘servicing’ it. It is about time some positive result was achieved – or at least about to be achieved.
3. It was reported to Mr Simon Garner and myself that the scheme had actually failed because trees had failed to establish due to  the soil they had been planted in was actually some waste soil from a previous local quarry. There is no mention of this in Mr. Maidments report. Curious to say the least. Perhaps he can enlighten us.
4. It is obvious to residents that this scheme is no where near to providing the initial claims and has been severely mishandled and badly planned, resulting in a total waste of our Council Tax and delaying any relief to the abonimation that is within our constant view. A total rethink of the scheme is therefore suggested.

Les Edgecumbe

Les Edgecumbe
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—– Original Message —–

Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:53 AM
Subject: FW: CLS Laundry Replacement Tree Planting:Update




Message Received: Jan 10 2008, 09:39 AM
From: “Maidment, Olwen”
To: “‘’
Subject: CLS Laundry Replacement Tree Planting:Update

Dear Cllr Hook

A schedule of works required to maintain the tree planting was agreed with CLS Laundry and their landscape contractor in June 2006. This included some replacement tree planting of dead/damaged or poorly established trees.

The site was inspected over the summer and the majority of the planting is doing well. The landscape contractor has ordered the replacement trees and will carry out the replacement planting as soon as they arrive within the next few weeks, weather permitting. He will also carry out any necessary maintenance work at this time. The site will be inspected when the planting is in progress.

The replacement trees will be planted on the banking to the east and north east of the building, avoiding the compacted areas close to the access road where more failures have occurred. Species have been chosen from those which have established best on the site, namely Aspen, Hornbeam & Ash with Alder or Crack/Goat Willow on the wetter ground. Some existing Alder which have died back or lost their leaders will be pruned to remove dead growth and allowed to coppice to form a dense, lower level screen.

I will contact you again when the planting has been carried out.

Yours faithfully

Olwen Maidment

Landscape Officer

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Tree planting scheme at CLS Laudry

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on May 30, 2007

Dear Mr Edgcumbe
As promised, this is the latest report from TDC regarding the existing tree planting scheme at CLS Laundry.
I will forward to you a copy of any subsequent communication I receive from the Landscape Officer.
David Corney-Walker

From: Maidment, Olwen []
Sent: 30 May 2007 11:39
To: Cllr Corney-Walker, David
Cc: Collier-Marsh, John
Subject: CLS LAUNDRY-Tree planting

Dear Cllr Corney-Walker

I understand from John that you were enquiring about the existing tree planting scheme at CLS Laundry.

I visited the site on 18 April and drew up a schedule of works required to protect & maintain the tree planting, including replacement planting of dead/dying, damaged or poorly established trees. The schedule was sent to CLS on 19 April, but to date I have had no response from them. I have emailed their General Manager, Paul Pearson again today & unfortunately he is on holiday until next week.

As far as the maintenance is concerned (including watering, weed control etc) this should be carried out as a matter of urgency, if it has not been attended to. The replacement planting should be carried out in the autumn 2007.
The planting scheme is still at an early stage and is establishing. Overall, establishment has been good but some replacements are needed, along with ongoing maintenance.

Yours faithfully
Olwen Maidment
Landscape Officer

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CLS Laundry

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on April 23, 2007

23Apr07: Subject: CLS Laundry [Ed. and the “invisible trees”, as seen through Teignbridge Councils eyes]Dear Cllr Hook

Tony Page has asked me to respond to your queries regarding the landscape scheme at CLS Laundry.

Overall the planting scheme has established successfully, with good rates of growth put on by many trees, notwithstanding some difficult climatic growing conditions over the last two years. However, some trees have failed to establish or suffered die back since planting and need to be replaced.

The planting has been inspected at least every 6 months, sometimes more frequently and was last inspected in December 2006. I am meeting with the CLS site manager tomorrow to inspect the planting and agree any necessary replacements and maintenance work. The ongoing maintenance is being carried out by landscape contractors for CLS Laundry.

CLS will be required to replace any dead trees in the autumn under the TPO and the numbers and locations will be agreed on site with their representative

With regards to the planning application for the extension & related conditions, we are waiting for CLS to submit their detailed landscape proposals (along with details on the colour of the building) for consideration by the committee.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully
Olwen Maidment
Landscape Officer

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