The Blot on the Devon Landscape

The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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Selling your house in Aller Park?

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 8, 2007

08Jan07:- Have you tried selling your house to find that it has been devalued because of The Blots’ existence? Have you ever tried, or succeeded, in securing a reduction in your Council Tax Bill, because of The Blot? There are at least 2 possible cases of this occuring locally. A TV company is interested, and are planning to make a nationwide programme, which will include reports on how/when/why people have made claims for a reduction in their Council Tax. If you have any experience (good or bad) please contact me in the first instance….. 07751 677015 or e-mail les.(nospam) remove (nospam) from the address.

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