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06 December – Steam emmision from laundry

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on December 7, 2009

07 Dec 09:

Below is a resume of communications between the General Manager of the Laundry and residents over the last 2 days:

Thank you for your latest email, which is self explanatory, and has been immediately emailed to those residents on my mailing list.
This latest incident could not have happened at a worse timing or weather conditons; weekend/early Sunday morning when all, including yourself, were hoping to enjoy some ‘down time’ after a weeks labour.
Your offer of an out of hours/emergency number is appreciated and I would like to take you up on that, on the basis that all communciations go via our agreed route, i.e. via yourself and me – thereby avoiding a duplication of calls.
During the week the laundry had its ?annual? safety valve lifting test/survey. It seems that each time this is performed then problems ensue a few days/hours afterwards. Can you explain this?
Best regards,
Les Edgecumbe.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 9:18 AM
Subject: RE: Boiler
I have advised all staff that I must be contacted in the event of an issue at the factory and that I in turn will advise residents through yourself of any issues that may affect you.This is the case 24/7 and this system has not failed on this occasion.
The delay in advising you was purely as a result of my availability out of hours; as you say you understand that I was not on duty on Sunday. It is inevitable that there will be times where I cannot be contacted immediately – I have numerous personal commitments away from work – but I remain convinced that all communication between us should be channelled through me to you or vice versa. This has served us well in recent months and I would not want to see that fail at this point. Immediately I received the call from the factory I advised you; I can promise no more or no less than that.
I am genuinely sorry for any disturbance or inconvenience caused in this incident and can assure you that duty engineers did all they could to remedy the issue. It is unfortunate that our offices are not manned on a Saturday or Sunday – hence your fellow resident being unable to contact us direct. If you feel it would be beneficial I am prepared to provide you with my mobile number for emergency use but I could give no greater assurance than that set out above in terms of being immediately contactable.
Kind regards


From: Les Edgecumbe []
Sent: 06 December 2009 14:09
To: Cllr: D. Corney-Walker; Cllr. R Leeper; Cllr: G Hook; Alistaire Johns; Barrie Doddington; Bill Jarman; Chris+Bernice Hunt; David Miller; Elaine No. 33 A Pk; Eric + Ann Ward; Helen Ritson; Holger Beck; Jean Doddington; Jeff Pascoe/G4ELZ; John Hawkins; Jon Kenn; Jonathan Camp/Home; Ken Harper/G0EKH; Malcolm Coe; MIKE EVANS/M0BPA; Nick McVernon; Phil Harding; Phil Rock; Richard Cartwright/Globe; Roger Mewis; Roger Snowden; SARAH JOHNS; Simon Garner; Terry Cousins; Val Yates; Wilf Morton/Globe:; Annette Jones; Denise Harris; Hayden and Gillian Macey; Paul Pearson
Subject: Fw: Boiler
Importance: High

The noise has gone on from early this morning until gone 11:45, and regrettably the wind has been SSW making the matter even worse.
Unfortunately we only received your notification on cessation of the noise. Several residents have made representations to me after giving it some time to show understanding and ‘goodwill’, and are still upset that an earlier explanation was not given. We understand that you were not on duty, but as the noise was of a “high level for some considerable hours” it would have been beneficial to know just what was happening, in your absence. One resident was unable to contact the laundry direct by telephone.
Les Edgecumbe.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 1:55 PM
Subject: Boiler
Hope you are well.
I am not on duty today. However I have just been notified of some issues with the boiler that may have resulted in the safety valves actuating.
The problem has now been dealt with; I trust there has not been too great an inconvenience.

Hi Les
Having been woken up this morning at 0630 and deprived of my only lay in of the week by yet again a faulty valve at the laundry and not being able to get back to sleep I got up. But now I find that the valve is still going off at regular intervals what I want to know is were are the engineers to turn the thing off. We were assured last time that the problem was solved it appears it has not and neither does there appear to be weekend engineer cover and this is totally unacceptable. This situation has been going on far to long without proper redress from Sunlight if I have to endure the noise over night I will want compensation for loss of sleep from Sunlight. I have two long trips tomorrow to Penzance and then to Bournemouth around trip of over 400 miles which I do not want to undertake if I have not had any sleep for obvious reasons and if they are cancelled I will again suffer financial loss as I did on the last occasion and I will not accept it twice.
Please can you pass my complaint in the strongest terms to your contact at Sunlight  and that I will be seeking compensation from Sunlight for reasons as above.


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Meeting 27th July 2009

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on July 29, 2009

A meeting of Management (Martin Roberts/Director, and Paul Pearson/Laundry General Manager), Cllr Hook, and Les Edgecumbe, was held at the laundry 27th July 2009. This was at the invitation of the management to discuss various items. The meeting was a frank exchange of views, but cordial and productive.



The first item on the agenda was the Phase 2 painting (roof and chimney). Mr. Roberts explained that as with all other companies, UK and abroad, the main concern was to adapt to the international recession and its constraints. This had therefore taken priority. However, he did give an unequivocal assurance that the painting would commence this autumn (subject to weather conditions) – as they had already given their word on the matter. It was also said that had the residents requested the painting this year when the recession commenced, and not the date that they had, then the reply would have been a definite ‘no’. The current financial climate (for all commerce) would have inhibited even considering the matter.

The Management also offered a suggestion. In view of the vast majority of very favourable comments on the Phase 1 painting, they wondered if the Residents might like to consider whether to have Phase 2 completed in the same colour as the elevations. It may be felt that a single colour may be more effective and blending, whereas 2 colours (Topiary Green for the roof) may prove to be a very stark contrast and ‘set a horizon’. While being prepared to paint it any (within reason) colour it should be considered even at this late stage. It was agreed that I would canvass Residents who attended the Public Meeting on 13th August 2008 and signed in. Their views would be requested in writing and recorded. In the event of no decision being made thereby, the Phase 2 colour would remain by default ‘Topiary Green’ – the chosen colour. There is absolutely no case for repainting after Phase 2 is completed. Closing Date for comments is 10th August 2009 and should be sent to me by mail or email please.


For various reasons, i.e. staff changes, and misunderstandings, of late their seemed to be a breakdown of previous good communications, which has led to frustration on both sides. These were all ironed out and we now have agreement to approach Mr Paul Pearson directly in the first instance for any queries. As he is the man on the spot, and he has proved to be approachable, this is the ideal contact.


This is probably the most contentious issue. The Management are aware of all the residents complaints re the emissions on 14th July, and these were discussed at the meeting. Events were explained to us: “Early that morning a control cable failed to operate on the main boiler, leaving us with no steam. A switchover to the small auxiliary boiler was then made, and due to problems with this boiler it’s Safety Valve automatically lifted. Engineers were called in and tests made to identify the fault and spare parts immediately ordered. Teignbridge Council were advised of the ongoing situation. In the meantime we had to work with what we had i.e. the small boiler which was blowing the Safety Valve and causing the visual and noise issues to the residents for some time. Unfortunately we have no record of steam emissions occurring around midnight, although through tests we have ascertained that the steam emissions are not necessarily audible on site. Even in the Managers office which is adjacent to the boiler house it is inaudible. I (Manager) then went over to Aller Park and phoned the engineer to lift the safety valve – and of course I then heard what the Residents hear. We sincerely regret any nuisance to Residents and will maintain communication through Cllr. Hook and Mr. Edgecumbe. We do aim to be good neighbours, and one instance of this is to transfer our scrap metal and surplus polythene items to the far side of our building (away from sight of Aller Park)”   These were seen on our departure and indeed are not a sight to envy, so best stored where they are.


Some residents have complained of noises suspected to originate from mobile bins being moved around during the night. We were told that some noise was to be expected from a working commercial premises, but if more specific details could be supplied the matter would be looked into further.


Laundry drivers, lorries and cars, have been finding it difficult and dangerous to exit from the laundry due to the speed of the road traffic on the Kingskerswell Road. Cllr. Hook has arranged with Devon County Council to extend the 30 MPH limit to cover the exit area. This should improve matters, although the Police are claiming that they “cannot police it”.


The newt meadow has been allowed to grow in height and not mowed regularly.


Contrary to our previous belief, the low level lights in the car park have not yet been introduced. These will not have any impact on residents being low level and not too bright, but they are essential for Health and Safety cover of workers using the car park at night. One accident has already occurred and the Laundry has no choice but to install these. They are NOT floodlight – bollards with lamps included at approximately knee height.


The current CLS blue and white sign at the main gate is to be replaced in line with the Company’s re-naming and new logo.


Once the colour choice is settled it is hoped to have some demonstration panels supplied to us in order that residents can view the colour before it is mixed and applied to the building.


Please remember the easiest way for me to keep the majority of residents in touch with events is via E-mail. So if you have any friends/neighbours on the Internet please ask them to contact me with their address – they will be kept right up to date then.


Les Edgecumbe.

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14 July 2009 residents woken by steam noises

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on July 15, 2009

Residents were roused from their sleep several times during the night by extreme noises caused by the laundries unannounced steam emissions. Some residents report this commencing from midnight – others from 03:15 hours. But the most noise seems to have had a concerted effect from 05:00 hours. Two seperate residents were forced to re locate from their bedrooms to the other side of their houses to retrieve some sleep during the night.

The emissions were video recorded by Mr Garner and have been made into a DVD and presented to David Eaton head of the Environment Dept at Forde House. This will show them in great detail the actual events suffered.

Communications from the laundry were nil, breaking the agreement we have whereby they agreed to pre-warn residents via myself or Cllr Hook of any intended emissions. Also they agreed to advise afterwards if there were any ’emergency’ emissions. None of this occured and it took some severe chasing by Cllr Hook and myself to gain ANY communication.

Re Phase 2 of the agreed painting shceme: I have no good or positive news to report at this time. The man dealing with the matter has gone on holiday and supposedly handed over details of supplying confirmatory specimen colour panels to me. None of this has so far happened, despite repeated requests for details.


In all not very good news, in fact a stink of the old days, which considering the time and energy put in to improve matters  especially communications to avoid confrontational attitudes – VERY dissapointing all round.

If there are any more developements they will be posted here asap and emailed to those people who have requested notification by that means.

If your neighbours have email and would like to be kept up to date instantly please ask them to contact me at

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01 May 2009 Steam and Painting Phase 2

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on May 2, 2009

Communications concerning recent steam emissions, (including new one’s from the big chimney stack), and request for a schedule of commencement of Phase 2 painting (chimney and roof), have been made between myself, Cllr. G Hook and the Management of Sunlight.

The recent large steam emissions were due to a “Safety Survey which required a test”. No notification of this was made to us prior to the test as was agreed to happen at our meeting with the Management. It transpires that Chris Foulkes is now in the IOW and a new manager is in charge over at the Blot. Hopefully new lines of communications will be made to avoid this happening in the future.

As soon as we are notified of a date for commencing painting it will be posted here and directly to those people that have submitted their email address for direct contact.


from Cllr Hook 01May09:-


I have followed up your concerns re stack and hope attached is self explanatory.




From: Steven Hobbs []
Sent: 01 May 2009 16:02
To: Gordon Hook
Cc: David Eaton
Subject: CLS


F.a.o. Councillor Hook


I refer to your recent enquiry to David Eaton about the use of the stack at CLS.


I have checked the planning permission (reference 1998/2513/01/3) for the building and there is no conditions relating to the use of the stack. Should you wish to discuss this then please do not hesitate to contact me next week.




Steven Hobbs

Senior Planning Enforcement Officer

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Extended hours for as yet unused floodlighting

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 12, 2008

Teignbridge Councillors have again let down the residents of Aller Park by permitting extended hours to a proposed floodlighting scheme at the Buckland Athletic football complex in Decoy. DESPITE 38 submitted objections – it seems these are NEVER taken into account.

The floodlighting has not even been installed yet, so is unused and, unquantified as to the effect on us residents – and yet the Councillors say” yes go ahead!”

The application for extended hours was made purely on grounds to procure finance – not through actual need or consideration to others. This is another small nail in the coffin of the valley, fully supported by Councillors who do not reside in this area, are not affected by the project and generally don’t give a damn about us who have to put up with the consequences – UNTIL PERHAPS ELECTION TIME?????Ho, Hummm we shall see.

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26Sep07: Complaint(s) of noise from The Blot submitted to Councillors

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on September 26, 2007

26Sep07: Complaint(s) of noise from The Blot submitted to Councillors:

1)Dear Cllr. Hook.                 26Sep07
Please pass on my concerns of the continuing noise disturbance my Family and I are having to endure from the laundry.
Over the first weekend of September noise from jets of steam coming from the site disturbed our sleep on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings between 07.00 & 09.00 (on and off).
In the past when this has happened they have had the ‘handy excuse’ that it was the insurance company checking the safety valves.
I feel that I have spoken to environmental health about this problem on so many occasions that they have given up bothering to stick to their promise to me that the would take strong action against the laundry if it EVER happened again…well it has happened loads of times since and nothing changes or gets done about it. 
Because of this I did not report it on that occasion but low and behold true to form last night at approx. 20.45 hrs it happened yet again !! This has prompted me to make You aware of the situation and to ask for your help.
My Wife and I both have professional positions and work shifts …the continuing  disturbance from from this nightmare on our doorstep is wearing us both down and we are at the end of our tether !
Also part of their conditions was that their vehicles had to be fitted with  ‘bird chirp’ type reversing  warning  systems which was a great improvement over the loud beeping sirens that we used to hear from the site 24 hrs. But now they have got the massive juganaughts on their fleet the beeping noise has returned on occasions.
These huge trucks are often seen to been parked up in the entrance to the site blocking the view of other vehicles leaving the site onto the Kingskerswell Rd.

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Non compliance with condition relating to landscaping

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on June 21, 2007

CLS laundry non compliance with condition

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