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CLS letter to Residents 19Mar08

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on March 19, 2008


General Manager, CLS-Newton Abbot. Thank you for your e-mail of today, the contents of which will be forwarded to residents and posted on the website.The efforts of yourselves and that of Cllr. Hook and Chf. Exec. Bulbeck are appreciated. Following our earlier exchange of views at the meeting we appear to share the same goal to achieve a lasting resolution to the problem. Let’s hope we can all achieve an amicable result. Best regards, Les Edgecumbe. 


Attached is a letter drafted by Martin Roberts, our main board director handling this issue, that outlines progress so far including our meeting with Nicola Bulbeck of the Council. We are having some further modelling done to enable us to clearly see the effect any change would make and this will progress to detailed quotations. One company who is being asked to quote was referred to us by one of the residents.

I appreciate that you and the other residents are keen for a resolution but equally we need to be sure that any change made is of a benefit to all of us.

Any issues please contact me,

Chris Foulkes 
20 March 2008 Dear Les, At our meeting on 29th January, which I think we all found to be useful and informative, it was agreed that the single most common area of complaint from the residents was the visual impact of the factory. It was generally agreed that if the factory was painted a different colour this might go a long way to satisfying the concerns of residents. Sunlight agreed to look at colour options and costs and to approach the council about the possibility of a financial contribution. It was also agreed that Sunlight would meet with a delegation of residents again in April to report on progress. The current position is we have engaged architects to carry out computer modelling on colour schemes and we now have the results.  We have also met with Nicola Bulbeck, Chief Executive of Newton Abbot council and Councillor Hook to ascertain whether funding is available for this project.  Ms Bulbeck is due to respond to our request by the end of April. In light of the progress we have made and the commitment by the council to respond by the end of April, it is proposed to hold a further meeting with representatives of the residents some time in May when we can talk more fully about the plans.  Yours sincerely Christopher FoulkesGeneral Manager, CLS

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