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The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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Comments to Herald Express 12Nov08..

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 13, 2008

  • Thank you Sunlight & the pressure group – The outlook is much better now, after years of eyesore. It’s just a shame that it has taken so much time and effort (and a change in ownership) to correct the original error.
    Nick, Aller Park
    commented on 13-Nov-2008 16:54

  • Paul, you should research your subject before you open your big mouth and put your foot in it !
    I was the originator of the complaint about the laundry, Les was also a complainant separately to me, and we joined forces to take the Council to the Ombudsman, and won. This is an ongoing scheme since the Laundry was commenced, it hasn’t just happened. The original owners of the laundry should have done what the new owners “Sunlight” have done and there would not have been any complaint then, but the Council did not pursue the problem, they thought we would go away. I did, I sold up and left !

    Mike, Bishopsteignton (ex Allerbrake Road)
    commented on 13-Nov-2008 12:22
    Whinger, Newton Abbot, Newton Abbot
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 18:13
  • With regard to Paul’s comments regarding the laundry he quite clearly has no understanding of the matter.

    barrie, Newton Abbot
    commented on 13-Nov-2008 11:31

    I suggest he gets himself up to speed on the issues involved before he makes such crass remarks in the future .
    The current laundry management and the people representing the residents of Aller Park ,Newton Abbot have made the best of a poor lot.
    and it was acheived without any uninformed help from people living outside the area.

  • So someone with a view (sic) different to yours (Paul) is automatically a whinging idiot. A very strange/eliteist outlook.
    Can’t you be constructive?? For your information we residents have a very good working relationship with the Management over there – and your petty grousing doesn’t really affect or contribute anything to the matter. Move on to the sports pages eh?
  • I am one of the ‘whinging idiots’. If the Council had done their job properly and put the conditions that they were supposed to put on the planning permission there would never have been a problem in the first place – and there would have been little additional cost for the company. If more people cared about the environment where they lived and took steps to improve things then we would all benefit from living in a more pleasant environment. Also, I don’t live in Torquay so it doesn’t matter much to me what the complaints of residents are there. Different things matter to different people. Just because I may not agree with what other people are doing does not mean that I would call them whinging idiots.
    Sarah, Newton Abbot
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 17:29

    I am proud of what the residents of Aller and the local councillors have achieved. It’s a pity more people do not take stand to sort out the issues in their own areas and make them a better place to live.

  • Now if they could only manage to keep their lorrys out of the Lane at rush hour that would be an achievement. I cant count the times I’ve had to wait for 20 mins to get past a big blue road block.
    Gareth, Plainmoor
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 13:02
  • I thought CLS were supposed to blend the building in to the area when they built it.
    B, Torbay.
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 11:44
  • My God! We have a successful business in the area that provides employment for I dont know how many locals, but I’m guessing hundreds, and you have locals whinging about the colour of the building!!! Lobbying to get the owners to pay thousands to redecorate!! In this current economic climate I applaude the owners patience and understanding…Personally I would of told the whinging idiots to take a run and jump and put things into perspective!!
    Paul, Torquay
    commented on 12-Nov-2008 09:34
  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • Factory ‘cover up’ given the thumbs up

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 09:07


  • The bright-white appearance of CLS Laundry at Decoy has been toned down to blend in with the surrounding green land.

    The £55,000 revamp has resulted in the factory’s new brown colour — and it has delighted residents who have long complained the plant was an eyesore.

    Next May, when the weather is warmer, the roof will be repainted green, effectively ‘camouflaging’ the building.

    The work has been the result of a joint partnership between residents, ward councillor Gordon Hook, who contributed £1,000 from a special Devon County Council fund, and laundry company Sunlight.

    Lobbyist Les Edgecumbe, of Aller Park Road, said: “The Sunlight management is to be congratulated on its efforts and a number of grateful comments have been received here.

    “The residents should also be congratulated, along with ward councillors, for their steadfastness in obtaining the final result. The effort of the Aller Park Residents Action Group is also appreciated.”

    Sunlight’s group human resources director Martin Roberts said: “Certainly the number of emails we have received, and we have received a lot, without exception have been delighted with it so far.

    “We have completed the work we said we would do, which has been the side elevations, and the roof will take about two or three weeks to complete next May. We will then have a factory which blends in with the surrounding area.”




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Phase 1 Painting now completed.

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 6, 2008

The first phase of the painting has been completed. This covers the 2 elevations viewable from Aller Park and the A380 road. Phase 2 will commence next year commesurate with good weather.

The Management are to be congratulated on their efforts, and a number of grateful comments have been received here. The residents should also be congratulated, along with Ward Councillors, for their steadfastness in obtaining the final result. The efforts of the Aller Park Residents Action Group are also appreciated.

It beggars belief why residents have had to walk the walk, tread the treadmill and suffer other inconveniences and indignities from Teignbridge District Council who have a well paid, but incompetent Planning Department. This could and should have been insisted upon at the initial planning application – what else is this Department in existence for? May they and  Councillors involved in the initial decision making hang their heads in shame!                     Some chance.

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Painting commenced- – -PHASE 1

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on September 29, 2008

29Sep2008:~   the Boiler House has now had its top coat!

Boiler House 29Sep08

Boiler House 29Sep08

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Scaffolding erected – 23Sept2008

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on September 23, 2008

Scaffolding was being erected today  in the area of the loading bays.

The first objective is cleaning of the elevations, followed by the actual painting work.

It is hoped to keep a photographic diary of the work and then to produce an animated journal on completion of each phase.

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13th August Minutes of Meeting of Residents (paintwork)

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on August 29, 2008









Present:     Alastair Johns – Chairman:

                  Leslie Edgecumbe – Organiser

                  Cllr. Gordon Hook

                  Cllr. David Corney-Walker


The meeting was notified, with approximately 10 days notice, to over 200 residents of Aller Park by use of letter box drops, e-mail, web site, and signs posted on telephone kiosks/telegraph poles, and lamp standards. The whole of Aller Park Road, parts of St. Lukes Road and Addison Road, Aller Brake Road, along with a near full coverage of Ridgeway Road were made.


The meeting started at 19.20



53 Members of the public attended the meeting, the majority from the Aller Park area of Newton Abbot. There were actual sign-ins of 43, plus 10 people who appeared in the head count but had not signed the book.


Chairman A. Johns commenced with a brief history of the laundry campaign, commencing with the first meeting in 2004 when it was owned by CLS.  In 2006 Sunlight purchased the laundry from CLS.


It was made very clear during the meeting by the Chairman, Cllr Hook and, L. Edgecumbe that this was a one off choice for the residents. On making the choice and thence advising the Sunlight Directors, should the painting be completed as promised, then there would be no place for complaint to the management.


The purpose of the meeting was to choose a paint colour for the exterior of the Sunlight Laundry building.  Various paint sample books and sheets were available and passed around.  Photographs of the Buckland Water Treatment Works and graphics of the Sunlight laundry coloured in various shades were exhibited.


L. Edgecumbe thanked everyone for attending and supporting the campaign over the years, particularly the councillors who had been very helpful at all times.

He cited the Water Treatment Works at Buckland as a good example of a reasonable camouflage colour scheme with different shades of green on various elevations.


The Chairman advised attendees that colours can and may look different, when used in an application, from the specific samples in the catalogue, and would be affected by ageing.


G. Hook advised that there was now a good dialogue between the residents and the laundry – thanks to Mr. Edgecumbes’ work.  Sunlight had pointed out they did not want to paint the building but would do it as a negotiated favour and to be “good neighbours”. Cllr. Hook has obtained a cheque for £10,000 from Devon County Council towards the painting costs. If a colour is agreed promptly Sunlight may be able to carry out half of the work before Christmas and the other half in April/May 2009.  It was understood by G. Hook and L. Edgecumbe from a prior meeting with Sunlight that 2 elevations (those facing Aller Park and Sainsburys’, roof, doors, and the chimney would be painted, with the exception of the elevation facing the Kingskerswell Road and the external brickwork of the Admin. area.



As part of the negotiations the Sunlight directors wanted:-

·         To install some low level/low intensity bollard lighting (approximately 2ft. 6ins. high) facing the laundry to aid pedestrian visibility in their car parks.  This probably would not require planning permission, and is a result of a Health and Safety incident.

·         A reduction in the speed limit on the country road on which the laundry entrance is sited.  Devon County Council had suggested this could be possible.


They also advised the colour of their vehicles would be gradually changing to white with a yellow logo over a period of 3 to 4 years. Only new vehicles would be in the new livery – current vehicles would not be repainted. It is to be hoped that the ‘Screening Trees’ would have, by then, established and capable of obscuring the majority of vehicles.


One person on the floor stated that a paint specialist should have been available at the meeting. Due to an ongoing debate with the Chairman and another members’ question simultaneously, it was not possible to reply to this questioner.

(Editor: However, it should be pointed out here that this would have required a fee, to which residents would have had to contribute, and we were there only to discuss choice of colours – not the technicalities of paintworking).


Mr. J. Steer of Addison Road queried whether the large blue doors were to be included in the painting scheme. L. Edgecumbe replied that he thought it was the case, but would confirm with the management as soon as possible. This was done the next day and Mr. Steer advised by telephone that the doors were included in the scheme.


L. Edgecumbe advised the floor that the exterior of the building was laminated steel which required a special type of paint and method of application. Several manufacturers colour charts were on hand for comparison etc. These were for reference only as the actual paint to be used would have to be especially sourced.


It was proposed and seconded that the colours should be shades of green and the paint in a matt finish.  The roof and chimney should be in a darker shade than the side elevations.  A vote was taken and the show of hands indicated the vast majority agreed with these suggestions.


A colour called Topiary Green from the ‘HomeBase Classic’ colour chart was suggested for the roof and chimney.  A vote was taken and the show of hands indicated the majority agreed with this suggestion. (7 votes = Too dark. 4 votes = Too light, Majority agreed as satisfactory).


A vote was taken on a choice of 5 shades of green suggested by the floor of the meeting from the colour charts available, and also the unnamed “Hybrid” colour in a picture of the laundry supplied by Sunlight and exhibited in the room.  A further vote was taken on the 2 shades that had received the most votes (Proposal 1/’Sisal’ in ‘HomeBase Classic’ colour chart = 14 votes. Proposal 6/”Hybrid” as per the management supplied photograph = 21 votes), A. Johns having verified all persons had seen the colour on the laundry picture.  The majority voted by a show of hands for the “Hybrid” colour in the picture.


In summary the colours agreed were:-

·         A colour called Topiary Green from the ‘HomeBase Classic’ colour chart for the roof and chimney.

·         The “Hybrid” colour in a picture of the laundry supplied by Sunlight and exhibited in the room for the side elevations and doors.



G. Hook and L. Edgecumbe would advise the laundry of the colours selected by the residents who attended the meeting. They would be having discussions at a date to be fixed, but as soon as possible in order to progress the work.


The Chairman thanked all attendees for their contribution to the meeting.


The meeting ended at 20.35.



Signed:…………………….. A. Johns (Chairman).    ……………………L. Edgecumbe (Organiser).






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Teignbridge- devoured/destroyed by Torbay??????

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on April 20, 2008

WARNING!!!!   Do you want Teignbridge, Newton Abbot/Aller Park to become part of Torbay. some examples…. No Christian cross at the crematorium, No Union Flag to be flown…..etc…….

Keep your eye on the ball by following this link!!!

(copy and paste this address into your Internet Explorer browser and click GO)


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Chief Exec and Cllr Hook to meet CLS Directors

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on March 13, 2008

The following is a letter received from the Chf Exec. Teignbridge Council.

I have asked Cllr Hook to clarify if this meeting supercedes the promised second meeting between the Management and Residents.

Dear Mr Edgecumbe 

Thank you for your email of 3 February 2008. 

I understand your concern about the degree of screening provided by the planting scheme at Sunlight Laundry.  However, as I set out in my email of 1 February 2008, the amount of space available and presence of UK and European protected species limit the ability to undertake dense screen planting in this location. As you may be aware, the Ombudsman’s Report of 29 May 2003 dealt with the issue of the landscape condition relating to the planning application and additional landscaping carried out by Teignbridge. The Report states that some complainants wished to see a dense screen of mature conifers planted along the eastern site boundary.

 The Ombudsman’s view was that Teignbridge could not support a scheme that failed to recognise protected species (Great Crested Newt) and advice from English Nature, and that a proper and adequate remedy had been provided by the Council.  Native species of trees and shrubs were chosen to fit in with the countryside surroundings of the site and to meet the needs of the newts.  English Nature strongly advised the Council that conifers would be inappropriate. The Ombudsman’s view was that the Council’s additional planting would in time soften the appearance of the building. I am advised by our experts that the planting scheme is establishing successfully and that it will in future years, achieve this aim.

 In order to explore all options and potential solutions, I have arranged a meeting in mid-March with Directors of Sunlight/CLS Laundry. I will attend with Cllr Hook and we will bear in mind all comments and issues raised by residents, and your Ward Councillors will be kept updated concerning outcomes so they can keep residents informed. 

Kind regards   Nicola Bulbeck, Chief Executive

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MEETING: 29th January 14:30 @ CLS Offices

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 9, 2008

A meeting has been arranged by Councillor Hook and the Management of CLS laundry.
This is to be held at the CLS offices on 29th January 2008 at 14:30 hours.
All Residents are invited to attend and put across their experiences, greivances and any suggestions that would make for a hopeful relief in the ongoing sufferings they have experienced for several years now.
If you would like to attend please advise either Councillor Hook or myself.
This is an opportunity not to be missed as it could provide some much needed solutions.

Cllr: G Hook

E-mail Address(es):


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email from Deborah Hart, Teignbridge District Council

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 28, 2007

Dear Mr Edgecumbe

The Chief Executive thanks you for your email of 27 November. She is aware of the issues around CLS and also of the concerns of residents that they have raised both with officers and the elected Members. Whilst the Chief Executive is not personally dealing with the issues raised she has liased with David Eaton in the Environmental Health Department and also officers from the Planning Department. She is happy to confirm that they are taking robust and appropriate action and will ensure that those who are interested in a particular issue, including ward members are kept fully uptodate.

Deborah Hart
PA to Chief Executive
Teignbridge District Council

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Prolonged burst of steam from CLS Laundry boilers

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on September 25, 2007

Last night, 25Sept07, at 20:40hrs CLS emitted a prolonged burst of steam from their boilers. I wish to complain to Teignbridge Council on the matter.

They seem to think they have carte blanche to emit this deafening hideous sound just whenever they feel like it and a protest must be registered AGAIN with them.

This practise must not be allowed to be the norm. It is not the residents fault that an unsuitable project was assigned to the area – and certainly not our intention to endure this ongoing noise pollution.

Approximately 2 weekends ago the laundry emitted the same noise several times during the
Saturday afternoon, and again on the Sunday.

We sincerely ask TDC again to do something positive now to ensure that we do not suffer anymore on this account.

Les Edgecumbe

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