The Blot on the Devon Landscape

The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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And finally…… 22Sep10- the chimney job!

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on September 22, 2010

22SEP10:~ Today the crane moved in and the chimney was prepared for the paint job, which commenced late morning. Why this was left so late in the year, and close to ‘wet weather’ is unclear – but hey it’s being done. A big thank you to Cllr Gordon Hook for his perseverance.

2 Responses to “And finally…… 22Sep10- the chimney job!”

  1. Sarah Johns said

    ….and thank you to Les for all of his efforts and hard work in representing the residents of Aller Park. The factory may still be a blot but at least it is a less noticeable one.

  2. Eric & Ann Ward said

    Hi Les, Thanks for all your efforts on the Laundry saga. I am sure that they were of the opinion that if they delayed long enough you would go away. I always knew you were made of stronger stuff. We were away on holiday when your photos were taken. so but for you we would have missed it. I know we moved away before the final stages,but I have always taken a keen interest. and thanks to your emails have always kept up to date. Thank you again, kind regards, Eric and Ann

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