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Posted by Micro Update Ltd on August 11, 2009

At the latest meeting with the Laundry Management they commented that the Phase 1 choice of colour had been well received and that it may be that the residents may wish to consider completing Phase 2 in the same colour,as opposed to their original choice of ‘Topiary Green’.With this in mind I have done my best to contact all residents who are either registered with me on E-mail or attended the Public Meeting and signed in, as these are obviously the only ones that I have contact details for.

The closing date for voting was 10th August 2009 midnight.

No house numbers are shown for privacy reasons, but are on record in my file and open to audit.

The voting was as below; abstentions are not recorded/counted.

1 J. CURTIS                     ADDISON ROAD V STEER                              ADDISON ROAD
2 L CURTIS                      ADDISON ROAD J STEER                               ADDISON ROAD
3 A HAMLYN                  ALLER PARK ROAD PA WARD                            ALLER PARK ROAD
4 E HAMLYN                   ALLER PARK ROAD S E WARD                            ALLER PARK ROAD
5 D CLARKE                     ALLER PARK ROAD C BRYANT                           ST LUKES ROAD
6 J KENN                          ALLER PARK ROAD L COWIE                              ST LUKES ROAD
7 B REDDING                   ALLER PARK ROAD G COWIE                             ST LUKES ROAD
8 D BOWLES                    ALLER PARK ROAD J DAVIS                              ALLER PARK ROAD
9 DM BOWLES                ALLER PARK ROAD G DAVIS                             ALLER PARK ROAD
10 G GLANVILL               ALLER PARK ROAD E CHELLEY                        ALLER PARK ROAD
11 R GLANVILL               ALLER PARK ROAD D CHELLEY                        ALLER PARK ROAD
12 T COUSINS                  ALLER PARK ROAD D MILLER                           ALDER CLOSE
13 MR P ROCK                  ALLER PARK ROAD S JOHNS                            ALLER PARK ROAD
14 MRS  ROCK                  ALLER PARK ROAD A JOHNS                           ALLER PARK ROAD
15 G MACEY                     ALLER PARK ROAD B WILLS                             ALLER PARK ROAD
16 H MACEY                     ALLER PARK ROAD M WILLS                            ALLER PARK ROAD
17 H BECK                         ALLER PARK ROAD A BAMFORD                     ALLER PARK ROAD
18 T BECK                         ALLER PARK ROAD A JONES                            SILVERWOOD AVENUE
19 J HAWKINS                ALLER PARK ROAD S GARNER                        ALLER PARK ROAD
20 M HOGG                      ALLER PARK ROAD S GARNER                        ALLER PARK ROAD
21 B HUNT                       ALLER PARK ROAD H RITSON                         ALLER PARK ROAD
22 C HUNT                       ALLER PARK ROAD DM KENNARD                  RIDGEWAY ROAD
23 E WILLIAMS               RIDGEWAY ROAD MR RUMBLE                     RIDGEWAY ROAD
24 P WILLIAMS               RIDGEWAY ROAD MRS RUMBLE                   RIDGEWAY ROAD
26   MR ABBOT                        RIDGEWAY ROAD
27   MRS ABBOT                      RIDGEWAY ROAD
28   MRS WALES                     RIDGEWAY ROAD
29   L EDGECUMBE                 ALLER PARK ROAD

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