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14 July 2009 residents woken by steam noises

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on July 15, 2009

Residents were roused from their sleep several times during the night by extreme noises caused by the laundries unannounced steam emissions. Some residents report this commencing from midnight – others from 03:15 hours. But the most noise seems to have had a concerted effect from 05:00 hours. Two seperate residents were forced to re locate from their bedrooms to the other side of their houses to retrieve some sleep during the night.

The emissions were video recorded by Mr Garner and have been made into a DVD and presented to David Eaton head of the Environment Dept at Forde House. This will show them in great detail the actual events suffered.

Communications from the laundry were nil, breaking the agreement we have whereby they agreed to pre-warn residents via myself or Cllr Hook of any intended emissions. Also they agreed to advise afterwards if there were any ’emergency’ emissions. None of this occured and it took some severe chasing by Cllr Hook and myself to gain ANY communication.

Re Phase 2 of the agreed painting shceme: I have no good or positive news to report at this time. The man dealing with the matter has gone on holiday and supposedly handed over details of supplying confirmatory specimen colour panels to me. None of this has so far happened, despite repeated requests for details.


In all not very good news, in fact a stink of the old days, which considering the time and energy put in to improve matters  especially communications to avoid confrontational attitudes – VERY dissapointing all round.

If there are any more developements they will be posted here asap and emailed to those people who have requested notification by that means.

If your neighbours have email and would like to be kept up to date instantly please ask them to contact me at


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