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Meeting 10th June 2009…

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on June 11, 2009

A meeting was held at the laundry today. Present were Mr. Jonathan Cooper (Engineering Director), Mr. Paul Pearson (Laundry General Manager), Councillor Gordon Hook and, Les Edgecumbe (Resident). Items discussed were: 1) Schedule for Phase 2 painting of roof and chimney,

2) Request for samples of the Topiary Green chosen by residents to ensure accuracy,

3) Explanation of why only recently steam has been emitted from the chimney stack,

4) Re request notice of impending steam tests, and explanation of any inadvertent steam emissions,

5) To re-establish agreed line of communication which have ceased since departure of the previous Manager Mr. Chris Foulkes.

All points were discussed and full details will be posted here when there is fuller information available (Mr Cooper is going to contact us later with dates). Briefly line of communication have been re-made and our contact is now Mr. J Cooper. He has agreed to supply panels which demonstrate the colour of choice prior to giving the green light to the painting operation. They are already in contact with their contractors.

Fuller details will be posted just as soon as they arrive.


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