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Phase 1 Painting now completed.

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 6, 2008

The first phase of the painting has been completed. This covers the 2 elevations viewable from Aller Park and the A380 road. Phase 2 will commence next year commesurate with good weather.

The Management are to be congratulated on their efforts, and a number of grateful comments have been received here. The residents should also be congratulated, along with Ward Councillors, for their steadfastness in obtaining the final result. The efforts of the Aller Park Residents Action Group are also appreciated.

It beggars belief why residents have had to walk the walk, tread the treadmill and suffer other inconveniences and indignities from Teignbridge District Council who have a well paid, but incompetent Planning Department. This could and should have been insisted upon at the initial planning application – what else is this Department in existence for? May they and  Councillors involved in the initial decision making hang their heads in shame!                     Some chance.

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