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A Councillor speaks up for NEWTON ABBOT

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on February 17, 2008

Another nail in the coffin

Cllr Geraldine Gaskell, Newton Abbot Town Council and Bradley Ward, writes:

             What has happened to Newton Abbot?

I have lived here since 1966, that is 42 years, and in that time I have seen councils come and go and each one leave its mark on the town and not once for the good of the town. We had shops galore, multi nationals, independent businesses, a market that was a real crowd-puller, and what happens?

A council, in its infinite wisdom and in the name of progress, tears the heart out of the town and, over the years, our shops large and small disappear, never to be seen again.

In order to regenerate the town we allow Asda in – well, what happened? Nothing. Has it helped to regenerate business? No. And our dear district councillors – and of the 48 councillors, nine from Newton Abbot – guess what, in their infinite wisdom they decide on the fate of the town.

We will end up with three amusement arcades, 12 charity shops, 21 pubs, several boarded up shops, and now, guess what, to really boost the town a drop-in centre for kids with problems right between several pubs and an amusement arcade. You know, Teignbridge Council has played a blinder – yet another pub and, to cap it all, this drop-in centre. All I can say is these youngsters will find themselves blamed for everything, rightly or wrongly, and they don’t need that. They want somewhere quiet, secluded, away from town and its temptations. Who remembers the bail hostel in Devon Square? Thought so, need I say more?

Town and parish councils should have a bigger say on planning issues relating to developments within their own boundaries and I don’t just mean housing but retail and industry. It appears that districts, made up of councillors who don’t live in or even near the areas, can decide on what is best.  Yes, in their opinion, maybe, but what about the people who live in those places, who know those towns and villages and what they want?

No, Teignbridge. Once again you have managed to bang another nail in the coffin of Newton Abbot. Hands up all those who remember Madge Mellor’s meat pies and fruit tarts, and the Belfry. Oh yes, Woolworth’s, Dingles, Laws & Wareham’s, Home & Colonial – shall I go on?

When will we learn?

Ed: this Councillor has a very valid point. If the ‘deciding people’ for permitting The Blot to be as and where it is, had to live with it daily then it would not be there. Wards that are to be affected MUST have representation of local people – not Officers/Councillors who do not even live in the area and actually have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Good on you Councillor Gaskell!!


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