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NO CONFIDENCE in Teignbridge District Council

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 20, 2008

Herald Express 19Jan2008.   Does anyone outside of “Fraud House” actually  believe the council spokesman? Another headline in the Mid Devon Advertiser this week – “Council will listen to taxpayers“…… Oh yes? WHEN?


One Response to “NO CONFIDENCE in Teignbridge District Council”

  1. We have had this issue about ‘listening’ with the West Somerset Council for many years.

    Following a royal booting out of the long standing Tory majority Councillors, who were replaced by Independents, we are hoping for better times.

    However, I am beginning to realise that, for Local Authorities, ‘listening’ isn’t enough, they need to be willing to ‘talk’ and ‘debate’ issues or, in other words, have a grown up discussion. Otherwise, they can ‘listen’ and discount with no reason given.

    In consequence, I have been pressing for Exmoor and West Somerset Local Authority Discussion forums or a commitment from Councillors that they will discuss policy on specified private discussion forums but to no avail yet.

    Good luck with your efforts to engage in dialogue with your Local Authority.


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