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What Screening Trees????

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 12, 2008

To  Cllr Hook and Chief Exutive Teignbridge Council:
Thank you for forwarding the information below.
I am at a loss with this letter from Mr Maidment. It appears to be yet another ‘rubber stamp’ job from Teignbridge Council – more or less a repeat of his last report.
1. It assumes that there are indeed trees doing some screening effect. Find me a resident who can actually see more than 1 (one) tree in place on the site in question, let alone achieving some degree of screening at all.
2. It smacks of satisfaction that everything is in hand. This is not the observations of residents. The whole scheme is a dismal failure/very bad joke, and only serves to fill the pockets of those involved in ‘servicing’ it. It is about time some positive result was achieved – or at least about to be achieved.
3. It was reported to Mr Simon Garner and myself that the scheme had actually failed because trees had failed to establish due to  the soil they had been planted in was actually some waste soil from a previous local quarry. There is no mention of this in Mr. Maidments report. Curious to say the least. Perhaps he can enlighten us.
4. It is obvious to residents that this scheme is no where near to providing the initial claims and has been severely mishandled and badly planned, resulting in a total waste of our Council Tax and delaying any relief to the abonimation that is within our constant view. A total rethink of the scheme is therefore suggested.

Les Edgecumbe

Les Edgecumbe
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—– Original Message —–

Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:53 AM
Subject: FW: CLS Laundry Replacement Tree Planting:Update




Message Received: Jan 10 2008, 09:39 AM
From: “Maidment, Olwen”
To: “‘’
Subject: CLS Laundry Replacement Tree Planting:Update

Dear Cllr Hook

A schedule of works required to maintain the tree planting was agreed with CLS Laundry and their landscape contractor in June 2006. This included some replacement tree planting of dead/damaged or poorly established trees.

The site was inspected over the summer and the majority of the planting is doing well. The landscape contractor has ordered the replacement trees and will carry out the replacement planting as soon as they arrive within the next few weeks, weather permitting. He will also carry out any necessary maintenance work at this time. The site will be inspected when the planting is in progress.

The replacement trees will be planted on the banking to the east and north east of the building, avoiding the compacted areas close to the access road where more failures have occurred. Species have been chosen from those which have established best on the site, namely Aspen, Hornbeam & Ash with Alder or Crack/Goat Willow on the wetter ground. Some existing Alder which have died back or lost their leaders will be pruned to remove dead growth and allowed to coppice to form a dense, lower level screen.

I will contact you again when the planting has been carried out.

Yours faithfully

Olwen Maidment

Landscape Officer


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