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Extended hours for as yet unused floodlighting

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 12, 2008

Teignbridge Councillors have again let down the residents of Aller Park by permitting extended hours to a proposed floodlighting scheme at the Buckland Athletic football complex in Decoy. DESPITE 38 submitted objections – it seems these are NEVER taken into account.

The floodlighting has not even been installed yet, so is unused and, unquantified as to the effect on us residents – and yet the Councillors say” yes go ahead!”

The application for extended hours was made purely on grounds to procure finance – not through actual need or consideration to others. This is another small nail in the coffin of the valley, fully supported by Councillors who do not reside in this area, are not affected by the project and generally don’t give a damn about us who have to put up with the consequences – UNTIL PERHAPS ELECTION TIME?????Ho, Hummm we shall see.


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