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Email from: David Eaton, Environmental Control Team Leader (TDC)

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on December 15, 2007

 E-mail from Mr P Rock, Aller Park Road 06FEb08:

Dear Les,

Further to the meeting held on the 29th January at the Sunlight factory.

I am disappointed to see that the issue of the steam discharges from the roof has not been highlighted on the home page as an area of concern.

I raised this issue at the meeting and hoped that this would be reviewed by the management of Sunlight as I believe that this is probably one of the most significant contributions to the eyesore that we have to endure on a daily basis. (You only have to look at the website homepage)

I believe that there is suitable equipment on the market that would assist in the reduction if not elimination the visual impact that the steam discharges have.

I attach details of the “steam heads” that are readily available.

As you will see from the data sheets there are no moving parts or components that can fail, furthermore they are inexpensive in terms of capital outlay, installation and maintenance.

They simply are bolted or screwed on to the discharge pipework.

I would appreciate if you could forward this information onto the management of Sunlight for their careful consideration and perusal.

Hopefully if the management of Sunlight is serious about working with the community to resolve the many issues that we all have, they will give this careful consideration and not simply dismiss it out of hand.

If further information is required please let me know and I will investigate the matter further.

I hope that this is of assistance, and would once again like to thank you for your tireless efforts and good work on this issue.

Kind Regards


Phil Rock

 Aller Park Road


Dear Mr Beck and Mr Garner,

I refer to the complaints that you have made via Councillor Hook concerning various activities at the above site. I have detailed below the investigation into the incidents regarding the steam valve emissions which I have sent to Mr Edgecumbe.

On the 28th September I e-mailed both yourself and Councillor Hook explaining what information I had obtained from the company and the questions that I had asked of the Regional Director. I also share your frustrations in the speed of the response from the company which delayed my investigation into your complaint.

I have spoken to the Manager on the site and the boiler has 5 planned inspections a year which each include a test of the functionality of the pressure relief valve. They are two inspections by Zurich Insurers, two inspections by Hamworthy Boiler engineers and one inspection by the boiler inspector from the Health and Safety Executive. They have stated that it was these inspections that created the valve to release, causing the noise on the 25th September and the previous incident that you mentioned in your e-mail. Whilst I appreciate that these noises are extremely annoying at this frequency they do not constitute a statutory nuisance. As stated in my letter if you have evidence that this is continuing on a regular basis not as stated by the company please let me know.

If you wish to report incidents at the time of there occurrence this can be done by contacting 01626 361101. When the council offices are closed you will be directed to our Emergency Call Centre who will take the details of the incident for investigation.

In your specific e-mail you also mentioned concern about the level of noise generated from the working during the night. The Site manager has indicated that they have been operating a 24 hour shift system during the summer. This is now due to cease over the winter period. If the noise from the operation of the machinery on site is still causing you sleep disturbance I will arrange for our monitoring equipment to be installed to assess if a statutory nuisance exists.

With regard to the noise from the vehicle reversing sirens this has also been discussed with the site manager. He has agreed to replace those Sunlight vehicles which do not have the warbler type sirens. Once this is completed I will contact you to ensure that this has resolved your complaint.

If there are any other issues that relate to the site that I have not covered please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


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