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Email to councillor Hook

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 27, 2007


Dear Cllr Hook,

You will be aware by now of the ?communications? that resident Mr Garner has had directly with CLS. Their attitude is overbearing and stinks. They are not above the law and are now showing contempt for the system (such as it is) and taxpayers, which we have to rely on to gain some some minimal fair play.

I always copy my emails to all residents and also to the Leader of TDC and the Chief Executive. Neither of these 2 ever reply or acknowledge.

Would you please personally draw their attention to the CLS debacle as a whole. It is a festering matter that is not getting due attention from the lower echelons of the Council (yourself exclude of course), and bit by bit we residents are being dumped on.

Thank you in advance.

Les Edgecumbe.


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