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26Sep07: Complaint(s) of noise from The Blot submitted to Councillors

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on September 26, 2007

26Sep07: Complaint(s) of noise from The Blot submitted to Councillors:

1)Dear Cllr. Hook.                 26Sep07
Please pass on my concerns of the continuing noise disturbance my Family and I are having to endure from the laundry.
Over the first weekend of September noise from jets of steam coming from the site disturbed our sleep on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings between 07.00 & 09.00 (on and off).
In the past when this has happened they have had the ‘handy excuse’ that it was the insurance company checking the safety valves.
I feel that I have spoken to environmental health about this problem on so many occasions that they have given up bothering to stick to their promise to me that the would take strong action against the laundry if it EVER happened again…well it has happened loads of times since and nothing changes or gets done about it. 
Because of this I did not report it on that occasion but low and behold true to form last night at approx. 20.45 hrs it happened yet again !! This has prompted me to make You aware of the situation and to ask for your help.
My Wife and I both have professional positions and work shifts …the continuing  disturbance from from this nightmare on our doorstep is wearing us both down and we are at the end of our tether !
Also part of their conditions was that their vehicles had to be fitted with  ‘bird chirp’ type reversing  warning  systems which was a great improvement over the loud beeping sirens that we used to hear from the site 24 hrs. But now they have got the massive juganaughts on their fleet the beeping noise has returned on occasions.
These huge trucks are often seen to been parked up in the entrance to the site blocking the view of other vehicles leaving the site onto the Kingskerswell Rd.

On the plans for the site that entrance was designed like that to give a clear view of oncoming traffic …no way was it to be used for additional parking,
The whole site looks like a ‘shanty town’ with  a great deal of what should be a car park full of large trollies full of soiled laundry waiting to be processed !
In my opinion they have outgrown that site already  which is exactly the fear several residents voiced at the ‘planning stage’.
Thank you for your time in reading our concerns,
Kind Regards,
Simon & Sheila Garner

2)Last night, 25Sept07, at 20:40hrs CLS emitted a prolonged burst of steam from their boilers. I wish to complain to Teignbridge Council on the matter.
They seem to think they have carte blanche to emit this deafening hideous sound just whenever they feel like it and a protest must be registered AGAIN with them.
This practise must not be allowed to be the norm. It is not the residents fault that an unsuitable project was assigned to the area – and certainly not our intention to endure this ongoing noise pollution.
Approximately 2 weekends ago the laundry emitted the same noise several times during the
Saturday afternoon, and again on the Sunday.
We sincerely ask TDC again to do something positive now  to ensure that we do not suffer anymore on this account.
Les Edgecumbe
Helen Ritson
Mary Wills
Brendan Wills
and others.  Aller Park Road


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