The Blot on the Devon Landscape

The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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The Blots’ planning application

Posted by Micro Update Ltd on January 6, 2007

06Jan07:- We are awaiting information on the exact conditions to be attached to the agreement of The Blots’ planning application. Several good ideas were put forward by Councillors when the application was discussed, i.e. fast growing (Leylandii types) screening trees to be used – it is obvious that the current poorly designed ‘screening’ is not up to expectation, nor imminently useful.

When this type has been suggested before the environment lobby- aka Newt supporters -managed to quosh the idea on welfare grounds to this specy. Rather begs the question “why save the planet if it makes a hell for the residents?” Another suggestion was adjusting the colour of The Blot to blend in with the surrounding locale. Why, oh why wasn’t this deemed important/relevant by those in power at the time of the original application!!

Do we hear complaints of the Water Treatment Works on the river Teign?? – a similar building, which, by and large goes un-noticed because of its’ olive green exterior.(somebody had an attack of COMMON SENSE here). Let us hope residents views, objections, and patience are taken into serious account this time around. It is an ideal time and opportunity to make The Blot history.


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