The Blot on the Devon Landscape

The wilfull + unecessary defacing of beautiful countryside

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Posted by Micro Update Ltd on November 13, 2006

To read a copy of the Planning Permission document, outlining conditions for approval select this link: GRANT OF CONDITIONAL PLANNING PERMISSION——————————————————————————–

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear……
Remarks by a Councillor during the debate on TheBlot (CLS) extension application 13Nov06:

1) “From the way some Councillors have been speaking opposing the application, it would appear there is an election looming”. (Ed. Please stick your ‘party politics’ games where the sun doesn’t shine, and get on with the job of serving the taxpayers interests for which you were elected).

2) “We can’t turn this application down, because it would send out a poor message to potential investors in Teignbridge.” (Ed. if that means loosing investors who are prepared to desecrate our environment with the aid of the Council – then so be it. Or could it be sour grapes that your lounge does not overlook an eyesore such as TheBlot?)

3) And this really is the star! “The residents don’t HAVE to look at the laundry!” (Ed. a remarkable insight and appraisal of the problem and its history, by a councillor responsible for planning decisions – thanks be that we don’t have more Blots!)

And who is he? Councillor H. Clemens, Now Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee – no less!!!! Heaven help us all. (Jan2008 Ed.)
Conservative Councillor for where??………… DAWLISH !! Q.E.D.


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